Q: sabrent usb 2.0 TV Tuner not recognized in Windows Media Center

The TV Tuner (hardware) is recognized by Windows 7 OS 64bits but its driver is registered as not digitally signed (I downloaded it from its manufacturer web site) and the included software installs fine and acknowledges the Tuner. It works fine with the software provided but the problem comes when I try to get it to work with the Media Center.  When I go to set up the TV signal, I receive this message:


The TV Signal cannot be configured because a TV Tuner was not detected.If you have a tuner, ensure it is installed correctly.....



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Hi sheetto,


If your computer does not have compatible TV tuner driver installed, these error messages are normal.


Method 1:


Try the steps given under "What do I do if I’m having problems with my digital cable tuner and CableCARD?" from the Windows Help article given below to troubleshoot the error message given by you.


Digital cable tuners: frequently asked questions


Method 2:


Change the Windows Media Center Receiver Service from a specific account name to a Local System account and see if there's any go.


a.    Click Start, and type Administrative tools in the Search box.

b.    Click Administrative tools in the search results.

c.    Double-click Services.

d.    Scroll down the Services list and find Windows Media Center Receiver Service . You might have to widen the Name column by clicking and dragging the right side of column title.

e.    Right-click Windows Media Center Receiver Service , and then click Properties .

f.     Click the Log On tab, and then select Local System account .

g.    Click Apply, and then click OK on the Services message.

h.    Restart the computer.

i.     Click OK again, and restart the computer.


If the above suggestion doesn’t work, please get in touch with sabrent. Normally, driver update should fix this issue but since driver site is down, contact them to find out if they can provide you a workaround.




Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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