Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit RAM issues.

Firstly, pc spec etc

Mobo = Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4

RAM = Corsair XMS2 6400c5c 1.8v ver 5.1 (currently at 2*2gb sticks)

Graphics Card = Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX "approx" total memory 2671 MB (as read from dxdiag)

CPU = Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.40hz(4 CPUs)


The issue im having is im trying to upgrade to 8gb or ram on the above mentioned ram sticks but when ever i go above 2 sticks and enter the realms of >4gb ram Windows gets as far as the "Starting Windows" screen and thats it, it wont even play the little animation.  The usual hold-down-power for 4 secs to get a power down goes to a single push at this point (unsure if thats relavent).  I have 4 slots and I have tried all the sticks in all the slots (its been a long night).  This is all on the back of a new install after something went horribly wrong in the msconfig interface and my machine was stuck in a loop asking if i wanted to repair windows or start normally.. both would just reboot the machine back to those options.

In the MSconfig interface i have unticked the Maxi mum Memory (an IT support told me to tick it and set it to 0 which is how i got the above issue)

Regarding BIOS.. my BIOS can see i have 6gb running when i have the 3 sticks in, not even got to 4 sticks yet.  But it just seems windows doesnt wanna play ball.  Iv never ungraded my BIOS before as all the warnings signs tell me not to unless its really REALLY needed.

I really hope someone can help with this as iv ran out of things to try.




It sounds like you may have built this computer yourself. If that is the case, I wouldn't necessarily worry about upgrading the BIOS. If you can build your own PCs, then you certainly have the capabilities needed to upgrade your BIOS. It is really a no-brainer operation. I believe you mainly just have to hope you don't get a loss of power during the process.

I looked at the specs for your memory and your motherboard manual. While I didn't see the memory specifically listed as supported at:

I don't think you need to worry. In the above mentioned document, Gigabyte specifically says “Due to massive memory models on the market, we can only verify some of them.”

Looking at your Motherboard manual,

I see that you need “800/667/533 unbuffered DIMMs” at 1.8V for a max of 8 GB memory. I'm pretty sure the Corsair XMS2 memory you are referring to is 800 MHZ DDR2 @ 1.8V:

so there isn't any reason why it wouldn't work correctly in your motherboard.

Given all of this and the fact that your computer works fine below 4 GB, I'm **pretty**sure this is a BIOS issue. I **think**the BIOS update you want is version F5 or higher, but if I was doing the flash, I would just go for broke and try version F8F**I think** which can be gotten here:

I really can't give you any advice on the process of upgrading your BIOS other than:

  1. Shutdown all unnecessary programs.
  2. Make sure power is stable.
  3. Don't even touch your computer until everything is done.
  4. Get or borrow a UPS if you can

I can't find any great articles on how to flash BIOS. All I found was:

You would want to pay special attention to the precautions section of the document.

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you will probably have send your motherboard back to the manufacturer or buy a new one. This isn't nearly as bad as it sounds though since:

a) you appear to be a hobbyist system builder

b) Gigabyte Socket 775 Motherboards start at $50

But as always, you need to verify the links that I provided you on your own. As far as I know, I have provided you with correct information, but it is your responsibility to exercise sound judgment. Since I am a unpaid volunteer, I can not be held responsible for any errors that either you or I might make during this process or acts of God.


Absolutely no warranty express or implied comes with this post. The poster will not be held liable for any physical, mental, emotional or financial loss that results from the use of suggestions or information contained in this post. Entities that follow the advise in this post do so at their own risk.

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