Windows 7 backup error code 0x81000037 "Shadow files cannot be read."

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Hi everyone,
Today I tried to make my first backup of the computer.
I tried it 4 times in a row but always got the same error, something about Shadow files that can't be read.
Error Code = 0x81000037
I didn't really try a lot of things to fix it, because I wouldn't know how to start.
Any help of someone who knows what to do is certenly welcome.

Thank you in advance, Michaël
original title: Windows 7 backup error code 0x81000037
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I have the same problem two days ago. However, I had Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installed at the beginning when I bought my computer from Dell (Dec 2010) (I did not use McAfee) . Two days ago I ran backup to my network drive as usual and got the error message, but I noticed the MSE detected a threat from java. I decided to uninstall all the downloads within two days ago, and the most important was to run FULL SCAN from MSE. It catched 3 threats from java and removed them. After this, I ran backup again and it worked beautifully. I hope this experience will help someone when I post my response.

My computer is a Dell desktop, i-5, Windows 7 Ultimate, My network drive is Seagate connected to Linksys E3000.

Note 1: I regularly update MSE to the latest.

Note 2: I've gone through the so-called 'reparse points' and no success.

Note 3: The download ones that I uninstalled all came from Apple (please do not get me wrong that I don't like Apple. I just wanted to test in all circumstances.)  

Exactly the same issue, and same solution: run Full scan in MSE (which finds some "malware" that is javea related) and uninstall java, then worked fine!
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taw1962 replied on

I have tried all the solutions above and in other threads, I'm sure they all helped but I kept getting 0x81000037 error UNTIL I found this:

I solved the very same problem by installing a partition manager (Easeus's Free one) and enlarging the standard 100 MB hidden boot partition to 300 MB (any value under 500 MB will do). That was accomplished by shrinking the C partition by 200 MB, moving it up over the unallocated space created on the right (in a linear representation of partitions starting with the hidden one to the left). Then the unallocated space "moved" to the left so I could expand the hidden boot partition.
It appears that Shadow Copy cannot work properly if available space on any drive is less than 40%.

Maybe this worked because my downloads, music, pictures folders became too large for shadow copy to process in the 100mb partition? Whatever, the 300mb partition has cured it for now and if Backup fails again in future I can extend it some more.

Best wishes, Tim

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