Windows 7 32-bit Slow start up blue circle hangs over network icon in notification area over 10 min. some programs don't load until the issue resolves itself.

hi everyone.

This is going to be long and windy.

i have encountered a problem with my Dell XPS M1530.

    im going to write out details of my issue in short first. then if you want you can read my short story about my laptop and i.

  • Slow start-up.
  • Network initialization issue at start-up.
  • Blue Circle hangs over my network icon in notification bar for 10 min or more. then it goes away together with the problem everything else starts to work fine.
  • some start-up programs dont start until the issue is resolved. (blue circle goes away) i.e. Dell touch pad, magic disk, and maybe language bar.
  • programs that have to do with network or internet such as IE or network center hang up until the issue is resolved.
  • some programs dont want to load up if started until the problem resolves. i.e. open office, cakewalk sonar.

    another thing i have noticed. if i have automatic network connection setup and the network is in reach when i launch firefox i actually can serf the web regardless of the issue.

    i'm not the only one with this problem however the solutions that work for some don't work for me. some of the things i have tried include.

  • ran msconfig to see if it's one of the start up programs or cervices causes the problem. didn't find anything.
  • ran the command in cmd forgot what it's called something/something else. it scans and restores registries i think. didn't help
  • Used AVG pc analyzer. then fixed all the found errors and issues. didn't help.
  • reinstalled network drivers. didn't help.
  • Ran start up recovery tool to fix problems at start up. didn't help.
  • Started my laptop in safe mode with networking. Works fine

    Also, the problem didn't start with win 7 install i had it on my laptop long before the conundrum.

    im currently running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. as if lately, about 3 months ago my laptop started to start up slow and be laggy when the system is starting up. i didn't pay much attention in the beginning. as the issue didn't go away on it's own i have noticed that my network icon in notification bar has a blue circle over it probably because its initializing network or loading something that is related to it whatever it might be. after about 10 min the issue resolves itself and everything works fine until i restart or turn it on again. by the way if i put my laptop to sleep when i start it it works fine. i think that the time to resolve the issue has gotten longer it's about 10 min now but before it was much less. at least that's what i recall. further i noticed a few more things. if i left click on the network icon it does nothing when normally it would display network connections. if i right click it displays Troubleshoot and Open Network and Sharing Center. troubleshoot doesn't help and does not return anything. network and sharing center hangs up until the issue resolves itself. in fact a few programs dont want to load up until it the issue goes away such as internet explorer, Network and Sharing Center pretty much almost anything that has to do with network and also some other programs that require a bit more resources e.g. cakewalk Sonar. also, other start up programs and services such as Dell touch pad, magic disk, PDA.NEt dont start until after the issue goes away. what else... the kicker is that while the issue is present the networks i connect to automatically are actually fine and i have internet, even though the network is still in the process of initialization. what i mean is that if i start my laptop and launch firefox (cant use IE because it hangs up) i can go online and serf the web.

    well i'm at a loss and don't know what to do next except to format and clean install. however, people who did it before had the problem come back which leads me to believe that it's one of the windows updates maybe.

    if anyone knows how to fix it or can give some kind of constructive input i'm all ears.

thanks in advance. 

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Hey Kosmosis,


I had the same problem, and after trawling through the web for answers, this is the most reliable solution I've found. At the very least, it'll help identify where the problem is.


1) Reboot your computer.

2) Go to Run --> services.msc

3) Sort list by Status (click on the header)

4) See the ones stuck at "Starting"? Those are your offending objects.


Apparently, Windows is having problems initializing those services, and until it resolves it, or gives up, it can't go on with the rest of the startup process. Different people get stuck on different things. For me, it was the "Server" service that jams it up for 20 mins or so.


You have 2 options:


1) Right Click --> Properties, and change Startup Type to "Automatic (Delayed)". This forces it to load later, which hopefully allows everything else to finish initializing so you may use the computer first.


2) Read the Description of the service, and see if you can find out whats causing it to get stuck. In my case, "Server" regulates network discovery, file and print sharing. I realized that I recently disconnected a Buffalo NAS that was functioning as a print server as well. My Windows was stuck at finding a networked printer that was no longer available. Removing the printer from Devices solved the problem.


If all else fails, you could always try Disabling the service. That's probably not the best reccomendation, as its there for a reason, but it could help you troubleshoot.

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