Why is C drive being used up?

I was telling a friend yesterday how great Windows 7 is. Now I am not so sure. As I open and cloase programs, use IE8 to go to websites, or use explorer on my computer, the availablke space on C drive is slowly used up. I have removed (uninstalled) everything I installed after doing a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate. I have checked the drives for errors - none. I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and found no problems.
The only way to get back the free space is to reboot. It usually happens without my help because the system crashes just after telling me I am out of memory.
BIOS is not changeable.  
C drive is 40 GB with 13.5GB used for programs.
As I type the available free space on C goes down, and down,....
This just started today. No viruses, no worms, nothing that I can find and nothing that Windows can find. I cannot find any where on my computer where I can reset shadowing, etc. If it is in the BIOS, it doesn't show up or is not accessible.
I do run my computer in Admin mood.
I have a partition that is 410GB and has nothing on it but I cannot extend C.
Had Visual Web Developer, etc on C but I uninstalled it.
Why is the free space being used up to the point that the computer crashes? About to crash now.

Disc scan revealed a problem in the cable connections of all things. Getting new cables but the disc seems to be working OK now that I updated the BIOS and some hardware updates from Dell. Will be getting a new higher capacity HDD from WD in January. WD has info on their site that the disc is Win7 compatable but no firmware updates are available.

With new disc I plan on doing a complete new install with a C-partition of at least 300 Gb, D and E will be 200 and 150 Gb respectively.

I have wondered about all the extra updates from MS - whether all need to be retained or whether some include fixes that were in previous updates. Fixes can use up alot of disc space over time 

Also I do not see any answer checked as "the answer"

hi ,

well make sure you have a back up external disk , ... well the updates are not always retaining the previous fixes , so be carefull , use the onecare scann er to clean up after install the temp files and the set up files , that will save maybe 400 meg , link below in sig , the best way is to have a router that is online when you do the reinstall , this way the service packs can be installed right away , that does save space and is less in volume then all the updates loose from each other (!)

yeah i wonder if i schould mark this answer post to your Q or not , ... some people get all worked up sometimes , dont worry

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