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I am migrating from XP to Windows 7. I moved a scheduled task that worked fine under XP to the Windows 7 environment by re-creating the job in the new scheduled tasks manager, and calling the same batch (.CMD) file. In the task properties General tab, the Hidden checkbox is not checked. The CMD file runs normally (visible) if started from a CMD window prompt or from Explorer.

When the task is started by the Task Scheduler, it runs hidden. The CMD window is not visible and the UI of the program that it runs (a backup program) is not visible. The processes are listed in Task Manager, and they are running under my user name (not SYSTEM or LOCAL).

Can anyone explain why this task is running hidden, and how I can make it visible?





Hi timg11,

Do all the scheduled tasks run hidden?

The Task Scheduler user interface (UI) is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that replaces the Scheduled Tasks Explorer extension in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000.

To view the hidden scheduled tasks, follow these steps:

1. Click Start. In the Start Search box, type task scheduler. Then, in the Programs list, click Task Scheduler.
2. On the View menu, click Show Hidden Tasks.

Refer the link below and refer the Hidden scheduled tasks section that describes the hidden scheduled tasks:

Description of the scheduled tasks in Windows Vista

The above article is for Windows Vista. It holds good for Windows 7, too.

If you are having problems scheduling tasks or getting tasks to run correctly, first ensure that the Task Scheduler service is running. You can verify the service is running if you click the Start button, click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then click Services and verify that the Task Scheduler service's status is Started.

Refer the links below for more details on Task Scheduler and troubleshooting the same:

Task Scheduler Overview

Schedule a Task

Troubleshooting Task Scheduler

Hope this helps!

Gokul - Microsoft Support

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