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Hello. I've got very slow and unresponsive laptop after resume from hibernate. It lasts up to 15 minutes after resuming and the HDD led is constantly glowing during this process. It is a much slower resume than my very old laptop with Pentium M processor and slow 540rpm hdd.

What can be done about it.

Laptop: Lenovo X220, core i5, 8 Gb RAM, 7200rpm HDD. Windows 7 Pro x64.


I kind of guess of the reason - lots of RAM on x64. Big hiberfil file. BUT I do not notice such behaviour on ANY other machine I've owned or worked on. They can resume slower or faster but after resume they are resposive as they where before hibernate mode. I'd prefer to have it this way on the laptop also. This laptop is not, it continues to do some reading from HDD making it absolutely unusable during tis process.




Thanks again.
The process that caused the strange behavior was PWMTR64.dll Which is some background service of ThinkPad Power Manager . Turning it off resolved the issue. Resume from hibernate is normal and all the programs are responsible right after the resuming. Haven't noticed any decrease in functionality of the power management after turning off this startup item in msconfig.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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