The AMD fx and Windows issue

I would like to know what the current standing is on the hotfix for the AMD fx (and others) issue. Honestly, how do I tell if I even need it. I have an AMD fx 6120 six-core and have had no problems in it's performance. I have read on other websites that the hotfix does not currently work, is this true?


If the hotfix does work, how can I tell if I even need it?



"The poor performance of Dawn of War II, has to be caused by the AMD fx."

It could well be due at least in part to the AMD FX, but that is a cpu  architecture issue
not a Windows issue.
As with graphics card mfg's, the benchmarks between the two cpu mfg's vary according to the
game design.  They always have.

From a short review in APC (Australian PC mag)
"We did find some games where the processors were more heavily involved. Dragon Age at maximum settings relies on the CPU heavily for effects, and showed the Intel Core i5-2500K as capable of 141fps while the FX-8150 wallowed with 117fps.
One of our favourites, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II, clocked the Core i5 at 80.8fps and the FX-8150 at 58fps. "
- 58fps is quite a bit lower than the Intel, but is still credible, and very playable, and to say
the 117 fps is wallowing is a big stretch.  20 fps yes, but 117fps is nothing like wallowing.

However -
"As with our other benchmarks, it wasn’t all one way. With the Battlefield 3 beta in hand and pre-release drivers, we clocked the AMD FX-8150 at an average of 50fps while the Intel Core i5-2500k scored 47fps."
- Not a big a difference ( and one reason for going with Intel ), but it does show that the AMD FX
can outperform the Intel, depending on the game engine and coding.

I was an AMD user from '04  ( Phenom II 965 machine is now my wife's ) but the Bulldozer was not
well received by gamers, so I went for Intel this time around ( Nov, '12) as it has been the leading
cpu for  gaming for a few years and cpu releases.
Apparently the new AMD series has improved a lot over the first Bulldozer release, and your 6120
should still be a good cpu for gaming, as long as it is paired with a mid to high range gpu.

Would you have Lucid VirtuMVP  active ? If so disable it and just go for using the gpu as
default when playing DoW II.  The Lucid software is not consistent. While it may improve
performance in some games it can cause lower performance in others.
Equally if you have not experimented with VirtuMVP give it a go (going on the assumption that
you are using a recent motherboard that has the chip for VirtuMVP).

Beyond this you can only look at various optimisations to your machine.  Traditional stuff like lowering
a graphics setting that uses the cpu, limiting the number of Startup apps and maybe ending some processes

You might also try limiting the game to four cores. One example of a game that has issues with too
many cores is Fallout 3. They say that the first patch broke the ability of the game to run on four
cores, so you have to limit it to two cores. Whether it was the patch that caused the issue or not
I do know, but I do know that if you don't limit it to two cores the game will lock-up.


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