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I am running Windows 7 64-bit.  I can't get my PrtScn key to capture my screen so I can paste it to another program.  I used to be able to do this in XP, and even in my wife's 64-bit Vista.  It could also be my MS wireless keyboard 1.1, which as proven to be buggy and requires update fixes from MS.

Anyone else having print screen troubles?



To everyone still having a problem with Print Screen, and none of the proposed solutions work: I have your answer!

I recently bought a brand new laptop, and I'm running both Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7. I'm a Simmer, and I was getting more and more frustrated that I could not capture the screen on my Sims game so I can share my CC. Nothing anyone on here said worked, and then I found this.


It worked for me, and I hope it works for you all!

Close out of the program you are having trouble with capturing the screen.

Right click on the shortcut of the program on your desktop (in my case it's Sims 2 Apartment Life).

Click on Properties .

Click on the Compatibility tab.

In the middle area of that tab, there should be a bunch of check boxes under Settings. Click in the box alongsideDisable desktop composition.

Apply the changes, click OK.

Open up you program, press on your Print Screen (Prt Sc) button, open up a paint program, paste your image (Ctrl + C) and voilà! It should work! ^_____^


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Hi drfkv5,

Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forum.

As you are using a wireless keyboard I would suggest you to check on the F LOCK (function lock) key on your keyboard. Check on the top right of your Keyboard for the F Lock Key, which may be stopping you from using the print screen key. The F LOCK key toggles the alternate function keys. An alternate function key is a key that has two possible commands depending on the F LOCK toggle key state.

Check the below Microsoft article for details:

Also try and check if the status light on the keyboard for the F LOCK key. Refer to the below article for help on status light identification:

To add on, I would suggest you to try the snipping tool in Windows7. It can help you take the screen shots easily. You can check the snipping tool functionality with the help of these articles:

Hope this helps. Let us know the results.
Meghmala – Microsoft Support

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