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1. what's the maximum amount of Virtual Memory you can have with windows 7 or 8?

2. is this maximum amount affected by the processor's ability to address RAM? for instance, if I pick one of these new processors that can only address a maximum of 32GB of RAM, am I also limited to 32GB of Virtual Memory?  I was wondering this, because I noticed for some odd reason that windows can only address 192GB of RAM.  I had thought this might also be true for VM as well, but I don't know for sure.  I get this information from the link below.  it matches the upper RAM linits of the intel xeon proc.  the older opteron procs could address 256GB of RAM I think (why did microsoft choose such a low 192GB instead of 2^64 bytes??), so if I were going AMD I would probably want linux instead to address all that RAM.

3. I typically run windows for 2 weeks or more at a time.  windows xp pro (or the antivirus, not sure which) becomes unstable after this amount of time and requires a reboot.  how long can I run windows 7 safely?  my virus scans are what take so long (2TB of data, 4TB of disks).  I know this is off-topic, but it would really help, this is critical to my installation.  I am trying to find an antivirus package that doesn't break during a scan this big.  I develop software.  if my machine isn't clean...  you get the idea.

I need real answers.  I don't want guesses.  I am going to be working with adobe photoshop on doing some memory-intensive operations here.  every little bit of memory I can muster helps.  actually, I need massive amounts of memory, because I typically run LOTS of applications at once, and a lot of them are going to be adobe authoring apps which are slow as molasses on my 2.8GHz P4 HT.

I am using this information to help me with the purchase of a future new machine and look at how I can do what I need to do, done.

if there's an MVP who knows the internals of windows or something, I would appreciate some knowledge on this.

Memory Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)

Home Premium (they put this even on high end pre-built machines) makes me want to cry.  16GB max RAM....  must be aiming for the laptop market.  I want a replacement desktop or if I had my druthers, an air-cooled workstation.




Windows support 16 page files. The maximum size is 4095MB on a 32Bit Windows for each page file, running the normal kernel. 32Bit Windows with the PAE KErnel and the x64 Version support 16TB for each pagefile.

Your question 3 is a matter of trial and error. You could probably install and run a scan using Microsoft Security Essentials as it is very stable and does not break the scan.

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