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link removed because the .dmp file has been deleted from Skydrive as I have already received help. The link is being used for other questions.


Note that this is not my computer. I am assisting someone else with this problem. Also, the PC is a Dell OptiPlex 755. All I know about the computer is what is outputted in system properties. I do not know where to find additional information, as a Dell website search is not helpful. Only antivirus program is MSE, and Service Pack 1 is installed. Further questions are welcome.


Things I have already tried:

various chkdsk parameters.

sfc /scannow

Windows Memory Diagnostic (the one that is part of Windows 7) shows no errors.

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Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate it.

The 'failed' simply indicates that the hard disk needs to be replaced. Any failures in Seatools are indicative of hard disk failure. The only thing that can cause false positives really in Seatools is defective SATA cables, so if you haven't already, if you have any other cables to switch out I'd try that.


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