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        i recently bought a lenovo ideapad G560. its configuration are as follows:

Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 330  @ 2.13GHz, 2133 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
320 HDD  4GB RAM Installed(3 GB available).

       i have installed windows 7 ultimate os and have downloaded free AVG antivirus.

       but since i started using the internet the laptop is taking about  15 to 25 minutes to start, which was not the case when i had bought it. i use an EV-DO USB data card for my netconnection and always disconnect before shutting down.

       to solve the problem i have unchecked nearly half of the startup programs like nero and like. please help!!!!



Try scanning for malware with your AVG software, and also run through a scan with the free MalwareBytes AntiMalware.

If you boot into safe mode, do you still experience the same behavior? What about if you do a clean boot, or device clean boot?

Are you running the latest BIOS and drivers for your system?

Perhaps. give Andre's guide a shot, here.  Then ZIP the .etl trace and upload it to your SkyDrive and post a link.

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Hi tolga_84.  Try clean booting your system (see  Step 1: Perform a clean boot).  Make sure you dont download anything or surf to dodgy sites while you are running in this state because your antivirus will be disabled.  Did you notice any difference?

If so, that suggests one of your third party startups is causing the problem.  Try the troubleshooting steps now to find out which one it is.  It is a bit tedious but quite effective in isolating the troublesome software.  Once you find which program is responsible, uninstall it and reboot.  You will need to contact their support if reinstalling the software doesnt resolve the issue.

MVP (Windows Desktop Experience)

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