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Hi, We have just bought a Toshiba Netbook NB200 with 1GB ram and an Atom 1.6GHz processor. It has Windows Home Premium installed.

Whern going from preview to full view of emails (and also sometimes changing from Calendar to email & back) the screen flickers frequently going from Outlook then flashing to desktop for fractions of a second and back. Emails that usualy take less than asecond to load can take up to 10 seconds when this happens.

It seems to occur regardless of how many other programs are open at the same time.

A similar issue, probably related, is encounterd when opening large Word Documents (>2MB). On these occasions it is just the title bar that flickers. Would love some suggestions!



Thanks Swathi but I think you missed that the computer is a Netbook so there are no cables to the monitor and it is obviously an LCD. Perhaps the word 'Flicker' mislead you. I should have said 'flashes'. The images on screen are very stable, it is just they go into this little phase of flashing from one image to another (usually from the open program window to the desktop and back. All this happens in milli seconds. I actually filmed the screen with my video camera and going frame to frame you can see the transitions.

It happens with Office (especially Outlook), Firefox, even a little text editor called EditPad. It is quite intermittent and can happen with only one program open or many.

Last night I wanted to change the data source on a Word merge document  and when I selected the data source directory the dialog began flashing and continued for about 45 seconds.

It seems there is nothing wrong with the display, it provides a lovely, crisp, stable image. Using Process explorer to monitor CPU and RAM useage doesn't give any clues either. CPU useage can be as low as 30%, RAM 80% and it still happens.

It has happened since we purchased the Netbook (Late December). I have also done a clean install of Home Premium.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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