Q: Windows 7 on 1 TB but need smaller partition, can I swap hard drives after copying windows 7 to another hard drive. Also no D possible??? This thread is locked from future replies

I installed windows 7 on My 1st 1 TB hard disk.  I partitioned it after wards and could not get the C partition smaller than 1/2 Tb (because files are blocking it at that point) with the remainder 1/2 Tb calling itself E, which I can not change to D?????  Is it possible to copy windows 7 on to my second 1 TB hard disk from the first (which I will partition beforehand to 50 Gb and 950 GB , which I prefer) and then after that swapping the 2 hard disks internally?



You need a third party partition manager such as GParted (free) This can shrink your Windows 7 C partition where the Windows 7 tools cannot.

You cannot change E to D until you have freed D for reassignment by changing whichever drive now has D to something else.

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