Q: I want to know is anyone know we can access locked windows OS (locked Admin/ user account with login password)

Hi there,

i want to know is anyone know we can access locked windows OS (locked user account with login password)... i just want to know that is this security leak from User's point of view, and it's know to Microsoft or not..??

if know to MS then why this low security level OS is provided to users worldwide...  because if some one can access your system without having Admin/User password.. and still can access all the drives with the Admin Privilege of Deleting, editing, Copying to USB/other drive any data any file without any restriction.

And all this can be done without any Hacking software, without any USB drive, without Resting password or without harming the system.
Even the Owner of the system will never get to know that his/her system has accessed by anyone else.....

Plz tell me this Security issue know to Microsoft or not...??
if it's already in the knowledge of Officials then ... let the World knows this issue.. and how to do it in simple way...

One thing i want to mention here, my intention of sending this mail to Microsoft is just to make more Secure and Safer for the User point of View...  so Users from Worldwide can Trust more on Windows OS.

i will wait for seven Days after sending this mail, just to know that this issue is important for Microsoft or not,
and if i will not get any Response from your side, it will be assumed that you already know all the things .. and not interested in the Security Concerns...

and after that i will make a Video how to do this and make it public,
as it's not comes under hacking, as no outer Device/ Software/ file/ Equipment is required to do this, and it can be done without harming current Windows password in any sense...


Your's Truly.

Arun kumar Kushwaha

Hi Arun,

Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

I would like to inform you that Microsoft takes security very seriously and has implemented robust methods to deny unauthorized access. Also, I would suggest you to refer to the below mentioned Microsoft article:

Microsoft policy about lost or forgotten passwords


Hope this information is helpful. Please write back to us if you need any further assistance, we'll be glad to assist you.



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Sorry this didn't help.

Hi Neha,
seems you have not read my issue properly. or may be u have not understood what i have explained above.

my Concern is not related to  lost or forgotten passwords,
i said that, i can access your system without using your login credentials or without inputting any password..
also without any third party software, without any Device and without Cracking/ deleting your current password,

and i can access all Drives/Data of your PC/Laptop and i can delete any data, copy data to external drives without any restrictions....

Still if u think this kind of security provided by Microsoft is normal issue..
than it's oki, let the world know this Security leak from user's point of view..

Thanks Waiting for some meaningful reply...

-Arun Kumar Kushwaha

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Sorry this didn't help.

It seems Microsoft don't have time to respond on such important issue..
after 4 days the complete process video will be in public Domain as i have mentioned above..
Gud Day...

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Sorry this didn't help.

as no reply from your side shows that, this issue is not so imp for MS.
it's more than 22 Days....

Sharing the Video..
please see and Release the update for OS. if you think it's Required...
and those who knows how to get system restore point..
they can see only 1 min Video between 8-9 min.

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Sorry this didn't help.

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