How to stop RAID-1 mirror stop resync (after a reboot) ?

How do I stop the operating system from performing a RAID-1 Mirror resync on / after bootup.


Windows has the asinine thing of trying to resync mutiple volumes on the same physically disks and the whole resync process takes 5 times longer than it needs to with all that seeking going on.  So I want to break/remove/stop the resyncing on all but one volume at a time manually (as the O/S does not do this like so many other O/S so with their software RAID implementations).


However there is no "STOP" control in Control Panel -> Computer Manager -> Disk Manager.

The "Break Mirror Volume" is greyed out while a resync is going on.

The "Remove Mirror" function tries to work but then says the volume is being resynced (well why not ask me if I want to stop it and then remove mirror).


It would not be so bad if there was a 3 to 5 minutes delay between the time the machine boots and any automatic recovery / resync is made to allow the Administrator to login and perform actions.



So is there a cmdline command I can issue to control resync?


FYI This is the first time in the history of using Win7 desktop (some 2/3 years here) that I'd had an unexpected power failure of the workstation, previously one of the disk units had issued errors (on at least 2 occasions I recall) and the O/S took it offline.  This meant at reboot I needed to manually reactiviate the disk again (the last such incident was over 6 months ago).  So this is previously what gave me a chance to Remove/Break the Mirror on a volume by volume basis.  This is the first time the O/S is attempting automatic recovery of the system by syncing all 4 volumes of the 1.5Tb units at the same time.



Don't know why this silly system marks answers that are not really answers to the actualk question as answers.


Yes I knew TechNet existed before posing this question.


The answer is:  there isn't a way to stop the resyncing once it has started.


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