How to fix frozen black screen when window loads due to malicious files being removed?

My mothers laptop (Dell Intel Dual Core) Windows 7. I noticed it was lagging so I restarted it in safemode and installed Malwarebytes. Did a full scan and one malicious file was found. I removed it and ran Ccleaner after. When I went to restart the computer the load bar came up everything was going good but when windows finally loaded the screen stayed black. About 5 minutes after the mouse appeared then about 10 minutes after that the task bar and menu button appeared.

I could not access anything at all and ctrl+alt+delete did nothing I let it sit for 45 minutes longer and the screen never changed so only option was to hold down the power button and restart it. (malicious file found was called Myfuncards) Searched the name of it online to find out its a search bar app so i hopped onto explorer, disabled it and removed it. I put it back into safemode and scanned it again encase and nothing came up, restarted it and again nothing worked so turned it off and on again back into safemode.

Ive removed viruses plenty of times before off of friends computers and my dads, everything would go back to new but this one has me stuck. I decided to do recovery mode and set it back to a recovery point from a few days back. Restarted it again normally to see if everything would load up fine and it did. Put it back in safemode and removed the same malicious virus but didnt touch the explorer app part yet. I didnt run the Ccleaner and I restarted the computer. The load bar came up but when the login screen was loading it took a while. I made sure to remove my password to my wifi so that the computer wouldnt try to connect automatically. It finally loaded up windows and everything worked just fine. I went to remove to app from explorer while internet was disabled. Had no issues all went well. I restarted it to see if id have any issue and I had none.

My moms AVG app had finished its yr trial and I know she would need a knew antivirus app. So I put her computer back into safemode and installed a program called Avast! I ran it in safe mode and no malicious files came up and I ran malwarebytes as well to make sure. Restarted it and it did the same thing again with the black frozen screen as described above. I turned computer off and did recovery mode again but this time I found a recovery point about 2 weeks back. Restarted the computer and everything loaded up fine. I put it back in safemode and ran malwarebytes again and this time it found 46 malicious files.

All under a same vendor title PUP.MyWebSearch and i had them all removed.

This time malwarebytes informed me I would need restart my computer in order for the changes to take effect. This first two times i ran malwarebytes and had removed the one malicious file it never informed me to restart, that window never came up but I know to restart it either way. So I restart it, and everything goes good. The login window took a bit longer then usual to load but windows did load up. So this time I ran a full scan with Avast! not in safemode and everything came back clear. Access to internet connection was still disabled. I went through the Avast! options and saw it had something called a reboot-time check. Cant think of the exact name off the top of my head. It basically stated that it helps to check for issues when the computer its beginning to load so that if there are any malicious content that tries to gain access when the computer it loading in the beginning it can detect it and stop it. I set the option to on and it informed me it wouldnt take effect till the next time windows was restarted.

So I restarted it and I am back to the same issues. Frozen black screen and the white cursor. No task bar loaded this time. I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing so I just turned it off. I tried searching for solutions but I keep getting pages just talking about a frozen black screen happening but it had nothing to do the fact someone had removed a virus and/or installed a antivirus software. My computer was running just fine before i removed the malicious files but it was lagging a bit but nothing to an extreme slow/choppy lag. I would like to get rid of this malicious file and be able to use the laptop with no issues but it seems like when i get so close to clearing it and things going fine it goes back to the black screen when im trying to make sure the laptop is safe from other maiclious files popping onto it with another antivirus program since my mothers AVG product has finished its yr subscription.

 Sorry for the novel but I felt the more details I could give then maybe I could get easier answers




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From your post it appears that when you remove virus from your computer and restart it the screen appears black and it does not boot.



Step 1:

The virus could have affected the display .dll files; you may try uninstalling the display drivers and install the latest drivers for the same by visiting the manufacturer's website. Now run the virus scan and check.

a. Click on start button

b. In the search box type devmgmt.msc and then press enter.
c. Select the display driver and right click on it.
d. Now select properties.
e. In the properties window, under Driver tab, click on Uninstall button.

f. If you’re sure you want to delete the driver click OK.

Note: If you want the driver completely removed from the computer check “Delete the driver software for this device.”

You may also download and install the latest driver for it from manufacturer’s website.

For more information visit:

Step 2:

You may download and run the latest Microsoft Safety Scanner on your computer and check if it helps:

Note: Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the file entirely, which means there is a potential for data loss.

Hope it helps.

Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this issue or any issues regarding Windows. We are here to help.

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