Q: Windows 7 ultimate x64 version not using the full available memory on a computer with a 64 bit processor. System memory 4.00 gb (2.93 gb usable) This thread is locked from future replies

Windows edition:  windows 7 ultimate
Installed memory: 4.00 gb (2.93 gb usable)
System type:       64 operating system
computer:           acer aspire 5730z

the bios show 4.00 gb memory available, windows shows 4.00 gb available why is only 2.93 gb useable on a 64 bit intel processor and OS?

In the future i plan to build an i7 desktop with 6gb of triple channel memory and put on windows 7 ultimate does this mean it will show 6.00 gb 2.93 gb usable?



If you can find out what motherboard they used in that laptop you may find an answer.
Not all motherboards show it (or even use it) the same.

Also, as Ralf said, part of the upper registers are reserved for archaic reasons.

Check for BIOS update and video driver for that model as well.
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VP Tech Services

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