Disappearing ad drives, unstable boot up process.

I've been using the Windows 7 on my old Asus desktop for a few months without a glitch until recently when the hard drives started disappearing by themselves or freeze after copying large files from the external HD and crashed. I reinstall the Windows 7 few times, all of the oldie drivers that came with the PC, and the OS updates nothing seem to help.

My PC is set to the S3 mode and three of the four internal hard drives are 1TB in sizes and they are all SATA drives. I have a CD drive that is on the PATA and it doesn't seem to cause any trouble. When the hard drives went to sleep, they woke up without any problem in the past.

When it was fresh installed afew months back, the Windows 7 OS was already providing all that was needed to run the PC to communicate with the rest of the internal hard drives for a few months without a single problem. I did use the drivers that came with the PC only to solve the problems but the symptions are persistent. I've been downloading Microsoft updates regularily from the MS site so my PC is up to date as far as the OS is concern and I wonder if the newer updates are to blame.

The moment the PC is booted up, "my compter" icon would show one or two, sometimes all three hard drives (excluding the main C drive) and when one of the troublesome hard drive is clicked to open, the PC would hang indefinately. Only shutting down the PC compleley (not resetting) would allow the boot up process to continue back but often the PC wouldn't boot up but frozen up on the big Windows 7 MS icon at the beginning of the boot process indefinitely. If it was the hard drives problem, one or two, even all three drives wouldn't disappear randomly.

Your help is greatly appreiciated.



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Cody, thanks.

Here is the test I've done on the PC. Up until for the past few days, the PC started properly and showed all four hard drives (including the main C:) from the start but the one of the three archieving hard drive would disappear erradically in few minutes. It's confusing because sometimes two or three drives would disappear randomly. Copying the files across the hard drives is not possible because the hard drives would hang indenifnitely. Sometimes the PC wouldn't boot up at all. Once the PC gets normal booting up process, the PC wouldn't shut down but hang indenitely.

I did check the PC in safe mode again today. The problem is that when I set the boot drive to the main C: the PC wouldn't boot up. That is, during the safe mode, the white command lines that streams upward would stop in the middle of the process . So now it seems that the main C: drive is causing some kind of hardware error.  Since then, the PC is refusing to restart now. It would just hangin the middle of the PC vendor splash screen. The problem is same all over again. I bet it would restart by itself tomorrow or the day of tomorrow.

But how could each of the hard drives disappear and reappear randomly? The PC never acted out in such way for the past five years. Could all four hard drives cause such the symptoms all at once? I've reinstalled the Windows 7 before but the symptoms are the same. So I might as well ruled out the virus as the culprit.

I'm planning to find out if the PSU is the root of the problems. After all, all four hard drives are connected to the PSU.

Thank you for your support.

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