Q: One hard drive not recognized...

I have 3 drives in the following configuration before installing Win 7 RC:
  1. 120GB drive with XP 64 SP2 (used as a C drive)
  2. 120GB drive with Vista 64 (used as D drive)
  3. 320GB drive used between them for data (used as E drive). Both OSs could see the 320GB drive.

Did a clean Win 7 RC install on the Vista Drive (replacing Vista and all).
   Now, I can not see the "E" Data drive when booted in Win 7, but when I do a defrag, the defrag program (from Accessories) sees the drive though not as a drive letter.
   XP64 can still utilize the data drive as well.

Please let me know what specific info I need to share with you if necc.



May Peace be with each of you.



It's likely that the drive letter for the data drive changed to D:, and the XP 64 drive now lacks a letter. 7 always calls itself C: and hides other 'system' drives by default.
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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP
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Mark L. Ferguson (former MVP)

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