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So, I bought an 8 GB memory card and figured I could create a couple or a few partitions on it; perhaps exFAT and FAT32 ones. I fired up the Disk Management program only to find out that the flash memory disk has the Shrink/Extend/Delete Volume controls greyed out. I did manage to shrink the volume using the diskpart command line program but couldn't use it either for creating new volumes.

Where does this seemingly ridiculous and pointless restriction stem from? I only found a couple of instructions on how to partition a memory stick using some shady third party programs.



I don't know why the Disk Manager in Windows prevents you from deleting flash disk volumes. You can do it using diskpart.exe like so:

list disk
(Make a note of the flash disk)
select disk 1
(assuming that disk 1 is your flash disk)
list partition
(make a note of the partition you wish to remove)
select partition 1
(assuming that you wish to delete partition 1)
delete partition

You could automate these instructions by scripting them, if you're prepared to wear the risk of deleting the wrong partition . . .

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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