Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Internet Drivers/Access Gone...Was Working...

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On release date, I upgraded my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and until a week ago, have been very pleased.  Unfortunately, my internet is no longer working on my desktop PC.  Here are my specs:  MSI K9A2 Platinum mobo with AMD Athlon64 X2 6400+ (AM2) processor and 4GB PC6400 DDR2 memory.  I'm utilizing an ASUS EAH4830 1GB Radeon graphics card and a Razer Barracuda AC-1 Sound Card.  All components have been updated with the latest drivers, including chipsets and integrated NIC.  I have browsed for nearly a week now on the common issue of internet loss on Win7 x64 systems, but all fixes I've seen and tried...have failed.

Something has to be wrong with Windows 7 or something within it.  I was running the following programs on the PC at the time of this issue:

--Webroot Internet Security Essentials--   --ZoneAlarm Pro--   --iTunes--

--Windows Live for Windows--   --Gears of War--   --Fate--

I have since uninstalled ZoneAlarm Pro (even spoke with them for two hours thinking they were the culprit and even Webroot ISE.  When I uninstall the integrated LAN & Wireless card drivers they are seen as soon as the system boots, so I know they are working.  I even purchased a separate 10/100/1000 PCI Ethernet card from Best Buy, installed it and drivers just to be faced with the same problem.  I have taken that card back to Best Buy.  I cannot access the internet.  I don't know what I did to bring this on, and any restore point [2 total] I've gone back to does not resolve the issue.  When I go into device manager I see the 'yellow bangs' [BANG SHISHIGAMI!!!] with the note beside them, "There seems to be a problem with your device driver(s)."

I have attempted to reset IPs, TCPs, Security Settings, rollback drivers, update to XP/Vista drivers, you name it, I've tried it.  Running the computer in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking does not help, either.  I'm losing faith in myself in handling the issue on my own.  After a week of browsing every imaginable website and forum that I could find using multiple search engines I'm still without internet on my computer.  I need help resolving this issue.  Reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate is my last resort, as I don't want to lose my iTunes albums and movies I've purchased over the past few weeks.

Bonjour seemed to be a problem with a lot of posts I read so I uninstalled it and left the rest of iTunes in tact.  Please help.  I need this PC back online.  My wifes laptop, which I'm using now, our iPhones and DSi connect to the wireless network.  My Xbox 360 and Wii connect hardwired and they work fine with no lag whatsoever.  The problem isn't the network, it's the computer.

With the wireless card I can connect to the network, but with "limited access".  This stinks, I really need my PC back so I can get back to some Gears and updating my iTunes library.  Please help.

Okay, this morning has been all good (knock on wood)...and I hope it stays this way.  I found this link that resolved the issue, the FOURTH post had the answer [for now]:

From what I can tell, this is a permanent fix.  After updating everything through CMD I now have iPv6 or whatever utilized and my network adapter has about nine items under it instead of just the NIC and Teredo.  Everything so far is in the green...I hope it stays this way.  Thanks again and God bless!

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