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Hello everyone,
I am running windows 7 home edition on my hp laptop and I regularly use the wireless feature to connect my iPod Touch to the internet. What I usually do is set up an ad-hoc network from the network and sharing centre and turn internet sharing on and it works fine with my iPod for as long as I can remember. When I usually push the button to activate wireless, i then push on the little network icon on the bottom right on the taskbar and i get a list of Dial up and VPN networks, and then a list of wireless networks, in the list of wireless networks is the network I made and i usually just connect that and then connect my ipod to it. Today however, when i turn on the wireless and press the network icon there is no wireless tab whatsoever - it only has Dial up and VPN networks. When I try to make a new network using the method I described above it says 'Windows can not set up network'. I didn't change anything or do anything different, it just did it one day (or should I say didn't do it). If anyone can help than I would really appreciate it.

Does your HP laptop have any external switch to turn the wireless radio on? If so, make certain it is on (enabled).


You can also check this by going to the Network and Sharing Center, then clicking on the "Change Adapter settings" link. If it says "Disabled" under the Wireless Network connection then that would confirm the adapter has been turned off somehow.

A)bort, R)etry, I)nfluence with large hammer.

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This is the process*** to debug the Wireless.

Once it is working try to use this instead of Ad-HOC.

Assuming that the Router's Wireless is configured correctly that there is a strong signal and the Wireless card on the Computer is physically on.

Maybe this can Help.

Go over these steps and tell us where the breaking point is.

Check the Device Manager for valid Wireless card entry.

If there is No valid entry, delete any Bogus Entry, and re-install the Wireless card's Drivers.

Check the Network connections to make sure that you have a Wireless Network Connection Icon/Entry, and that the Properties of the Icon (right click on the Icon) are correctly configured with TCP/IPv4 protocol in the Network Connections Properties.


Many Wireless cards' drivers also install the vendor's Wireless utility.

Make sure that if there is a vendor's Wireless Utility is Not Running together with the Windows native Wireless utility (WLAN Service) .


Make sure that No Firewall is preventing/blocking the Wireless components to get to the Network.

Some 3rd party Software Firewalls/AV/Security suit,s keep blocking aspects of Local Traffic even it they are turned Off (disabled).

If possible configure the Firewall /Security suit correctly, otherwise totally uninstall it, and get rid of its residual processes to allow clean flow of local network traffic.

If the 3rd party software is uninstalled or disables, make sure that Windows native Firewall is On .

3rd party Network mangers like Bonjour, and NetMagic can block local traffic too.


Working TCP/IP stack should look this way.

Right click on the Wire card Network Connection, choose Status, Details, and see if it got an IP and the rest of the settings.

Description is the card manufacturing data.

Physical address is the card's MAC number.

The xx should be a number from 0 to 255 (all xx same number).

yy should be from 0 to 255

zz should be from 0 to 255 (all zz the same number.

The lease date should be valid to the current time.

*Note 1. IP that starts with is not valid functional IP.

*Note 2. There might be an IPv6 entries too. However, they are not functional for Internet traffic or LAN. They are needed for Win 7 special HomeGroup configuration.


A message in the Wireless little Window that says Connected does not means that your are really have a valid functional connection.

If everything above is OK you have to be able to connect to the Router.

Connecting to the Router means that you can enter the Router's core IP into an address bar of a browse, be able to connect, see, and configure the Router's menus.

If it does not connecting to the Router, log from any computer that can connect to Wireless Router with a Wire, disable the Wireless Security, make sure that the Wireless broadcast SSID is On,  and try to connect with No Wireless security.

Enable the Wireless security after you mange to establish a functional connection.

Jack MVP, Microsoft Windows Desktop Experience-Networking.

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Yes it does have an external switch and yes it is on

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hi, thanks for that in depth answer (of also which I only know what half of that means). I did go through with all the pictures and checked everything and it seems to be okay. Also in response to the last part of your answer I don't need to connect to a network, usually when I make an ad hoc network it shows up in wireless networks, like the picture on this page:
If you can see where the window in the bottom right is open, and it has a wireless connections tab with two entries in there, that's where it shows up, then I press connect on the network I made, and it says waiting for connection, then when I connect something to it, it says connected and then I am able to access the internet on other devices. On my computer, when I turn the wireless on, that wireless connections tab shows up, with the ad hoc network that I made. But as of today, the wireless connections tab just isn't there, when i turn the wireless button on and off and keep trying it doesn't show up whereas it usually does. I'm not sure if i'm explaining it very well but you should be able to get the idea. I just need to know why that wireless connections tab isn't showing up?

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Same problem did you find a solution since .. if so please could you please help me out thanks

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The proper way to trouble shoot this is:

1.  Make sure the wireless is not switched off (which you have already done).

2. Look under network adapters in Device Manger.  Is your wireless adapter present?  Is is shown working correctly?  If not what does is show?

Technician / Consultant

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Hi thank you so much. I have been dealing with this problem for so long and i didnt know that it easy this easy! Thanks so much for your help!

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