Is Windows Contacts integrated with Windows Live Mail in Windows 7?

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Does Windows 7 ship with Windows Contacts built in?   How does Windows Contacts relate to Windows Live Mail?
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Mayank with Windows Live replied on

Hi guys! 

My name is Mayank and I’m the new Product Manager for Windows Live Mail.  I've done some research on Windows Live Mail Contacts and Windows Contacts (and how they are the same/different) and have written up a few points that should hopefully clear up most of the questions.  I’m happy to answer the remaining.  


·         Windows 7 ships with Windows Contacts built in.  Information about Windows Contacts in Windows 7:

o   How to Run:  To run Windows Contacts, simply type in ‘Contacts’ from the Start menu;

o   Where it can be found:  To access Contacts, open Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\users\[user name]\Contacts\

o   Key Features:

§  Each contact has its own icon.  Users can associate a picture with each contact.  On double-clicking the icon, a window opens with the following tabs:

·         Summary

·         Name and E-mail

·         Home

·         Work

·         Family

·         Notes

·         IDs

§  Contacts supports multiple email addresses per contact;

§  Users can create Group Contacts;

§  Users can Import (CSV, LDIF, vCard and Windows Address Book file formats) and Export (CSV, vCard file formats);


Now – how Windows Contacts relates to Windows Live Mail.   The contacts from Windows Contacts are not shared with Windows Live Mail.  However a user can import/export one to the other using the Import/Export options provided in each application.  The limitation (thus far) with Windows Live Mail is that it supports only 3 email addresses per contact.  Example:


·         I have a contact in Windows Contacts named Bob.  I have 10 email addresses for Bob along with his Home, Work addresses, Family details and Notes.

·         I want to import these Windows Contacts into Windows Live Mail.

·         I launch Windows Live Mail and import the contacts using the File à Import command.

·         Bob is now in my Windows Live Mail contacts however:

o   Only the top 3 email addresses are imported;

o   His home and work address is imported;

o   Notes associated with Bob are imported;

o   His family details section is not imported;


I hope this helps.  Please post any further questions/concerns here and I will follow-up w/ them.




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