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I have three machines, two running Win 7 and one XP machine. My internet connection is via a 3G USB connection on my main machine running Win 7. I recently purchased a D-LinkDAP-1160 wireless router so that I can share the internet connection. It seems Win 7 cannot or will not share the 3G connection when using the outer. If I set up an ad-hoc wireless network and exclude the router then ICS works with no problem. As soon as I try to set ICS and use the router then evrything falls over and I lose the internet and the wireless network.

If the 3G connection is installed on the XP machine and shared using ICS then I have no problems. Do the same thing on Win 7 and it will not work.

My local techie suggests setting up a proxy server on Win 7 main machine and letting that handle the internet sharing.

Any other ideas?




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