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My new Dell XPS 8100 with Win 7 64-bit:  RDP randomly freezes when connected to my work PC which has Win 7 32-bit.  I had Win 7 32-bit on my old PC and never had a problem.  Now the new PC randomly freezes during the RDP session.  I say random because it will freeze during every session but it may be a few seconds or a few minutes before it freezes.  If I wait for approx 3 minutes, it will unfreeze for a random length of time before freezing again.  Any suggestions?



Hi fcarroll,

See whether reducing Graphics helps. This seems to have helped in few cases. This verifies whether you have the correct graphics driver.

Here’s how:

1.       Right click the Windows desktop and choose Personalize.
2.       Click "Display Settings".
3.       Click "Advanced Settings”.
4.       Click on "Troubleshoot" tab.
5.       Click on "Change Settings".
6.       On the resulting Display Adapter Troubleshooter dialog box, drag the slider one notch to the left.

If changing the video hardware acceleration solves the problem, it's a signal that your computer's video driver isn't quite perfect.
In such cases, download the driver from the link below.

Connect and see if there’s any improvement.

Security software could also be one of the reasons.

Temporarily disable them and verify the result.

Try disabling Receive Window Auto-Tuning.

Here is what you need to do:

1.  Go to Start and type cmd.
2.  Right-click on cmd and select “Run as administrator”.
3.  Type: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled and press Enter.

If you want to to re-enable it:

Type: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and press Enter.

If this doesn’t help, please post your concerns at Technet forums for further support.

Note: Ensure to enable all your security software by now.


Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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