Q: Cannot get laptop to print on shared printer. Trouble shooting did not answer the problem.__Printer shows as offline. Could print from laptop until Windows 7 installed.__ This thread is locked from future replies

I could print from my laptop until I installed Windows 7.  Now the computer says the printer is offline.
I saw the other post, but unfortunately it did resolve my problem.  When I troubleshoot the problem
the computer cannot find the problem.  My printer is a USB printer connected to my desktop and is a HP Officejet 7200 series which is compatible with Windows 7.  I have download the drivers and sofware for the printer using Windows 7.  I need this problem resolved.




Welcome to Microsoft answers.

 Are other computers able to print on shared printer?
Do you have any security software installed on the computer?
Do you get any error message when tried to print on shared printer?

I suggest changing the security firewall settings on the computer, clear up the print queue and try to print

 Let us know the status of the issue.  

Thanks and Regards,
Azam – Microsoft Support.


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