Q: how to fix VPN connection problem, vpn error 800

I set up a vpn connection to remote to my desktop at work on both my wireless laptop and home desktop both with Windows XP Prof installed. The laptop and home desktop are on a shared network. I have a 2Wire DSL modem. I can vpn and remote desktop to work with my laptop, but receive the 800 error on home desktop. IP address has been checked and re-entered. Password checked. Firewall settings appear to be the same. Need advice on what to check next. 
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The Microsoft Community is not the correct support venue for VPN issues.

Domains, large networks, and VPN are supported via TechNet so check with the Experts there.

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VPN Error 800 is very common error in VPN. When you try to conncet to VPN it gives error saying that "Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN Server may be unreachable."

As you told you have checked IP Address and password. Also the firewall setting seem to fine.

Some things you can try to fix this error 800 may be:

  • Try pinging the server to make sure that server is reachable.
  • Allow the router and firewall setting for VPN and PPTP.
  • Enable PPTP (TCP 1723) and GRE Port (47) for VPN.
  • Go to VPN Properties and set the VPN conncetion type to PPTP.

    Hope this helps you to fix VPN Error 800.

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