How do backup a Windows 7 Machine to a Network attached Drive (WD Worldbook) -- using the Windows backup utility?

vanbreed asked on
When I use the tool, it only lists a DVD drive as an option to backup, it does not find the network drive (and the tool does not seem to give you an option to search for it manually -- just has a refresh button). Any help would be great.
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glsurratt replied on

ISTR that you have to purchase Windows 7 Ultimate or above to backup to a network share using the installed backup program.  The Windows 7 Home series won't do networked backups.

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Mr Z in Alaska replied on

just found this handy solution on another forum trying to slove the same problem. It comes from a user named Tech Michael

I realize this is an old post, but still a relevant topic. Windows 7 Home Premium *CAN BE BACKED UP TO NETWORK* via the following work-around:

Disk Management > Create VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) on the NETWORK

Attach/Mount VHD (automatic upon creation) > Initial & Assign local drive letter

Backup to VHD saved on the network.

My VHD is set to automatically expand as needed which I realize will eventually overrun the network storage, but I can always manage backups manually.

Hope that helps!!!


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