Q: error 734 : The PPP link control was terminated.... always show up when i trying to connect internet... how to solve this... i m using win 7 as my OS.


  • i want to connect to internet usiang dial up connection. i m using nok*a n81as modem and telkoms*l as the the card. when i m trying to connect it always failed and some error appeared and said "error 734 : The PPP link control was terminated". and i m using Win 7 as my OS. please help me to solve this problem.thanks a lot...



the 734 error can be solved by adding in a piece of code...

On your laptop open up the device list and dpouble click on the the paired BB device... select hardware and double click on modem over blue tooth ... select advanced an in the Extra Setting place the following code:


I am on telus and using a bold 9700... in order to determine the URL shown above...on you BB select Option >> Advanced Options >> TCP/IP in the code snippet above replace with whatever is listed in your apn...

try connecting

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