Q: How do I remove program files and program files (x86) & How do I remove Windows Firewall exceptions for programs?

I've downloaded some programs off of the internet that seem to be giving my computer problems. How do I remove their program files? Each time I try it says I have it open in another program (which I don't). Also, I created some exceptions on Windows Firewall for them, and I want to know how to remove those exceptions. (Oh, and I just not tried to remove one of the programs, It keeps saying: Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer? Publisher:Unknown Location: This hard drive, and when I click on "no", it says "Installer was interrupted during the removal process.)



You should be able to delete the programs after rebooting into Safe Mode. Note also that reputable programs are uninstalled through the Control Panel. If you must remove then directly from the Program Files folder then they are highly suspect
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