Q: Dial-up Internet access following a Windows 7 clean install.

I am planning to do a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit on a Vista 32-bit system. I use an AOL dial-up connection to get to the Internet. Will this be an option after the clean install is finished?



Thanks for the reply. I had run the Upgrade Advisor and there were no compatibilty issues identified with the modem. I did the clean install of Windows 7 64-bit to a second clean drive in my system. I was able to to have the Network connection wizard attempt to connect to AOL, but each time I got an authentication error - either user ID, password or authentication protocol. Since the user ID and password I used are successful when I use them on Vista, I have to assume that the AOL authentication does not like the way Windows 7 attempts to authenticate me. The AOL dialer is what I usually use, since I don't need all the AOL stuff they push.
I know that AOL has released their 9.5 release that is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit as well as 32-bit, but it is not available as an update file that I can download using another system. The update takes place over the live connection.
So my issue is I cannot update any software (or even activate Windows 7) because I cannot connect to the Internet. Any suggestions, other than taking my system to a place where I can connect through a broadband connection? If I don't get a solution by this weekend, that is what I will do.

One interesting aspect of all of this - after I did the clean install of Windows 7 on my 2nd disk drive I am able to boot either Vista or Windows 7 at startup. Nice touch - it allows me to keep the system alive for my daily work. I'm not sure how they did this - maybe through the bios, or maybe through the MBR on the 1st disk. I haven't changed the bios, and as far as I know the 1st disk was not touched by the clean install.

A second interesting aspect is that the clean install on the 2nd disk, which is a clean, formatted 500 GB disk, shows that its capacity is only about 8 GB. I assume that the clean install created an active partition of a size that is just enough to contain the OS. Wonder what this means as I add applications. When I look at the disk when booted into Vista it shows the correct size - as does the Acronis disk management software - but these are running from Vista.

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