Q: Windows 7 Wireless Laptop does not connect to Printer connected to Netgear wireless router

The printer must be restarted every time I want to print from the wireless Windows7 laptop (through the use of the printer On/Off switch.) The HP 2820 MFP printer has a network card and is connected to the Netgear DGN2000 router. I have used the built-in troubleshooting devices from the Windows control panel but the problem continues.  (Note the laptop was upgraded from Vista and the printer worked OK. Also the router was upgraded from an old 2-Wire router that died. So, unfortunately I have two variables). 

Any recommendations? 





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You may try the steps as below and check if the issue gets fixed.         


First you need to check your security settings at different levels and try to connect to the printer and check for the issue.


Try updating the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.


Visit the link below for more information on updating the drivers.


Also follow the below link to troubleshoot this issue automatically and fix it.


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