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I have a D-Link wireless modem at home. I cannot connect my new laptop to this modem no matter how many times I run the wireless connection troubleshooter. I keep getting a message that the problem cannot be resolved and I need to try to find other solutions. I can connect to other wireless modems but not the one at home. My kids can all connect their computers to this wireless modem and our PC is connected via wireless. I am not very computer savvy so I need a simple solution!



Make sure the wireless network encryption type (ie. WPA2-Personal or WPA-Personal or WEB for example) and key on your Windows 7 laptop match exactly what is on the D-Link wireless modem/router.

Its also possible your D-Link wireless modem/router is configured for MAC Address Authentication which means you either need to disable that on the D-Link device (this is preferred) or you need to add your laptops MAC Address to the allowed list on the D-Link device. Consult the D-Link users manual for help with that or call out the specific model so others can help with that.

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There is an inherent Catch22 in trying to repair a Wireless computer through Wireless. Since the Wireless is not connected to the source, there is No interaction between the Wireless source and the Wireless Client, and no frame of reference to find what is working and what is Not working.

As a first step, I will move temporarily the computer to a spot near the Wireless Router and connect it with a wire.

When it works with a wire, switch Off the Wireless Security in the Router, disconnect the wire, and try to make the Wireless work. This should be done while the computer is still near the Wireless Router to compensate for weak, and or blocked signal that might be part of the problem in the further away working spot.

In the computer itself.

Most Laptops have a physical switch for the Wireless card. Read the computer's manual and make sure that the Wireless card is On.

Check the Device Manager for valid Wireless card entry.

If there is No valid entry, delete any Bogus Entry, and re-install the Wireless card's Drivers.

Check the Network connections to make sure that you have a Wireless Network Connection Icon/Entry, and that the Properties of the Icon (right click on the Icon) are correctly configured with TCP/IPv4 protocol in the Network Connections Properties.

Make sure that if there is a vendor's Wireless Utility the utility is Not Running together with the Windows native Wireless utility.

Make sure that No Firewall is preventing/blocking the Wireless components to get to the Network.

If everything above is OK and it is not connecting to the Wireless router. Log from any computer that is, or can be connected to Wireless Router with a Wire, disable the Wireless Security, make sure that the Wireless broadcast is On, and try to connect with No Wireless security.

When working turn On the Wireless security.

Note* People sometimes make mistakes in writing and retyping the security passphrase.

Alternative way is to copy it from the Router's menu, and then paste when asked by the Wireless card.


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