Q: Set up Windows 7 Ultimate home network, but cannot backup from one computer to second hard drive of other computer. Both Compuers running Windows 7-U. This thread is locked from future replies

My network is wireless, and all the compuetrs can see the other computers on the network, but when I try to backup data from one computer to another computers second hard drive, I receive the message "Network error, Windows cannot access \\COMPANY-PC\E backup disc. You do not have permission to access  \\COMPANY-PC\E backup disc. Contact your network administrator to request access. When I click in "For more information about permissions.... the window says to check :

1. You have not created a homegroup. Yes I have.

2. Your not using a homegroup and the folder has not been shared. I think the folder is shared, but I am not certain by what it means I am not using a homegroup.

3. Netork discover is turned off. It is turned on on both computers.

4. Password protected sharing is enabled. No, it is disabled.

5. The computers are not in the same workgroup. Don't know what that means.

6. Your computer does not have the latest updates for your router. Dont know what that means.

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Under previous versions of Windows you had to make sure that the logon account/password you used matched an account/password on the maching hosting the share. Under Windows 7 you can use the Homegroup facility. Have a look here:

Windows 7 HomeGroup Walkthrough: Tutorial

Why can't I join a homegroup?

Share files with someone

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