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I have a Dell Vostro 1400 notebook with a Broadcom WLAN 1390 installed. Recently, I have upgraded the WLAN driver to version 5.60.18 using the upgrade provided by Dell bearing ID no  R242438. After the upgrade, I have confronted the following problem. The name of the adapter has changed in programs like StopCut and NetCut. In other words, when I try to access the drop list to choose the name of my network adapter, I find the name of my ethernet adapter mentioned correctly, Microsoft Virtrual Adapter mentioned correctly, while my Wirelss adapter is labelled as Microsoft instead of DWLAN 1390 as it used to display before. The adapter is displayed with its right label (DWLAN 1390) in the device manager and in the adapters list in the network connections window. However, whenever I use a third party application to access my adapters list, the label I got for my wireless adapter is Microsoft and not DWLAN 1390. I rolled back to my old driver and I get the same result. Any help with such a problem plz?




3rd party vendors change the name of the device in the Drivers for variety of reason of their own, and there is Not much that you about it.

While in Windows it is possible to change some names it mainly changing the screen's Links names.

You can right click on the connection icon and change the name there to the same name in the drivers.

It will not solve every displayed name because it depends on where the applications are looking for the info.

That means that unfortunately you will have to learn how to live with part of this "tragedy". (^_^)



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