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I am trying to transfer files from my old computer (OS Windows 7 32 bit) to my new computer (OS Windows 7 32 bit) using Easy File Transfer. I have set up Homegroup on both computers.  I am transfering to my ASUS computer(EETOP All In One) has two hard drives on it. One is labeled WIN7 (C:) and the other DATA (D:) The old computer also runs Windows 7 32 bit. When I attempt to change the Map Drives on the ASUS to the DATA (D:) drive and press the "Save" button, I get the error message: "The current drive mapping can't be saved", and below that: "Make sure all drives are mapped and that each drive has enough space for the transfer." I do not understand how to make sure the drives are mapped. I have tried going to "Computer" and then to "Map Network Drive", but there is no "D" drive listed on the dropdown. What must I do to make my file transfer successful?



Hi Wideejay,

What drive from old computer are you trying to map to Asus D: drive?

Drives that contain your windows installation can't be transferred to the drives on your new computer.

Manasa P – Microsoft Support.

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