Q: Windows key + arrow keys not working

I have encountered something strange on a pc.

I have one Windows 7 pc here where the shortkey combinations of Windows Key + the arrow keys are not working to minimize a window or to move it to the top/left/right of the screen.

Combinations like Windows Key + E to open the explorer work perfectly.


What could be the reason for this or what can be reset/checked in order to fix this problem?


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This is a software issue relating to a particular shortcut — not a physical problem with directional keys.

The problem is the result of 'aero snap' having been disabled for this machine. To change this:

Open the control panel, and input the following into the address bar:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Make the mouse easier to use

Under ‘Make it easier to manage windows’:

Untick ‘Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen’.

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Hi juFo,

1) Are you using a USB keyboard?
2) Have you made any changes on your computer recently?

3) Is this a Laptop or a Desktop?


Try using the Arrow keys on other programs. Check if they are functional.

This issue can occur if the Arrow keys on the keyboard are faulty.


Method 1-

Try connecting a different keyboard to your computer. Try the shortcut keys once again. Check if they works.
Since you are able to use the other shortcut keys, means that the keyboard works fine. This might only mean that the Arrow keys are faulty.

Additionally, you may Run the Fixit from the article mentioned below –


Note: The link mentioned above is for Windows Vista. But, it holds good for Windows 7 as well.


Most Laptops have “Fn” key or a Function Lock key. This key can be used to Enable and Disable the Arrow keys. Check if the Arrow keys function after toggling the Fn key.


You may follow the links mentioned below for a better understanding about keyboard shortcuts –



Hope this helps!!


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