Q: Windows does not recognise a blank disc in a DVD drive.

When trying to burn a CD, and having a blank CD-R in the DVD drive, I get "Windows can't read the disc in Drive D". I have tried other discs and DVDs but it seems Windows does not recognise a blank disc. I have another DVD drive and the same is true here as well.  I have tried updating the drivers and disabling and re-enabling the drives but to no avail. CDs or DVDs with content are recognised however.



I had the same problem in Windows 7 32-bit (suspect this would fix in Vista as well). After trying everything else under the sun went into Services (Search for programs and files, type "Services") and looked up "Shell Hardware Detection". Found that it was disabled (not sure how it got that way). Right clicked on it to get Properties. Changed Startup type to "Automatic", hit Apply and OK. Problem resolved without even having to reboot!

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