Q: Windows 7 RC1 won't recognize my secondary hard drive

I installed windows 7 RC1 on my system (ASUS P5QL-E, 2gb ram, E7200 processor). I started out with 2x250gb hard drives, and bought a 1tb drive that was on sale. Initially, I installed it with all three drives attached, on 1 of the 250gb drives. All my drives were recognized fine at this point, but I realized I installed windows 7 on the hard drive that was dying, so I did another clean install. Now the two drives (the second 250gb drive, and the 1tb drive) are recognized by my BIOS but disk managment doesn't see my 1tb drive. Anyone have any idea whats up here?



At that I would recommend checking the physical connections and such, maybe turn the system off and remove the drive and reattach everything.  If you have another OS still installed, you can also check there and make sure it's fully visible and functioning in that OS still.

Even if Windows decides for whatever reason that it can't use a piece of hardware, it still should be showing in Device Manager.  Something very early in the process is going wrong if it doesn't even show there.

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