Windows 7 moves/resizes windows on monitor power cycle

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I have a new W7 ultimate install on a new PC (AOpen DEX4501 w intel GM45 graphics). I have installed the latest Intel graphics drivers, and all relevant windows updates.

It is connected via HDMI to a Grundig Misuro HD TV. My resolution is set to 1600x900, windows recommended resolution is 1920x1080 but this displays badly so I don't use it.

When Windows sleeps, or I turn off (then later on) the monitor, most windows are moved/resized to the upper left with the lower right at 1024x768.

Firefox, Excel(2003),Explorer windows resize/move, Outlook(2003) did not move/resize.

I have a Samurize (Gadget like) display on the right which someimes get relocated to the top left, but not this morning. The windows resize/move also happens when Samurize is not running.

I have found three other entries related to this;


They don't seem to have been resolved for a long time.

This is a Windows monitor power managment issue, can it be fixed please it is very annoying.

I won't be recommending W7 to others with such issues outstanding.

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I have found a work-around.
Using Sysinternals ProcessMonitor I found that Windows was accessing the following Registry path;

My system had three entries;

Under each is a tree called "00" two of the keys are

Under "00" was another branch also called "00" two of the keys are;

The first two of the configs (ie DELF00... & QHD3...) the above keys were 1440x900,
so they were not involved.

The third (SIMULATED...) were set to 1024x768.

I changed these to 1600x900 and the problem was solved.

Further I changed resolution (via control panel) to 1920x1080, the moving/resize issue returned,
but the lower right corner was set to 1600x900, ie the SIMULATED... settings.

So for some reason one of the configs does not get set correctly.

I don't know why there are three configs, I have only ever used one monitor.

Hope this helps someone out there...
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