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I recently tried to install a new printer on a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate.  After attempting this, I can no longer add a new printer nor print to my existing printers.  If I try to add a new printer, a message appears that states:

Unable to install printer.  The print processor does not exist.

If I try to print to an existing printer, the computer claims that the printer does not exist.  Is there any good way to "reset" the Windows printing subsystem?  I'm really at my wits end with this issue and do not want to be forced to reinstall Windows to correct this issue.

I have checked the Windows spooler service and it is running and does not appear to be generating any errors in the event viewer.  I have also come across some previous posts that stated you may be able to install a new printer with a generic driver first and then change it, but this does not work either.  Any recommendations regarding how to correct this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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Azeez N replied on
Hi AnimeDayDreamer,

a) What is the make of your printer that you are trying to install?
b) Are you trying to connect the printer to a network?
Use your administrator account to install the printer and also to print.

If that does not help, temporarily disable all security software and then try to install the printer and also print from the other printer, follow the steps mentioned below

Note : Enable all security software after performing troubleshooting steps.

If disabling security software does not help you,  uninstall printer completely from programs and features. After that restart the computer and re-install l the latest compatible drivers and check if you are able to install.

If nothing helps, you may create a new user account and install the printer.

Create a New User Account

Azeez Nadeem - Microsoft Support
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