Tracking issues with Wireless Mouse 5000 bought with Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000...

Just purchased a Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse (Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000). For some reason the mouse is acting up and doesn't track properly. What seems to be happening after a few minutes of use the tracking becomes unstable and it feels like the cursor pointer is delayed and starts jumping around the screen. It is even more evident when I start to try dragging windows around the desktop and if I drag too quickly it starts to "hiccup" (the best I can describe it) and looks to be missing a few frames per second as I am dragging it along the desktop. I've noticed within games, especially FPS, that the quick turns cause the mouse to lose track and one second I am facing forward and the next second I am facing backwards, with no apparent transitioning in between. I have tried disabling the precision tracking, but to no avail....Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated...

I am using Windows 7 Professional and do not have problems like this with the 8 year old Logitech wireless mouse this keyboard is replacing.

I know this is an old thread but I can see nowear where the issue has been resolved.  I have a cordless Logitech Mouse on my laptop and a corded on my desktop, both had the same problem. The issue was resolved for me by simply using a mouse pad, no problems since! This answer may be in there somewhere but I have not come across it even from Microsoft (surprise). Incidently my mouse pad is often a sheet of A4 paper on a clip board. If any one actually reads this please let me know if it was any help.

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