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No support from Microsoft on new Windows 7 installation??? That sucks. Sound card won't work. I get "This device cannot start. (Code 10)." I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and all the Creative Audigy 2 software that came on my SoundBlaster CD. I even tried to PAY for Microsoft support. They took my credit card information and then the process bombed out. So, I'm probably out the $50 and no help at all. What's with my ID has expired? This is a new installation of Windows in the last month or so. I got the three license family pack and this is my last computer to upgrade. I did other family members first. I am very unhappy right now.




Uninstall the drivers and software from the CD before you load anything new.

Hardware support is not Microsoft's responsibility unless it is a Microsoft brand. Some drivers are available through Windows Update but these are provided by the hardware manufacturers and Microsoft requires only that they be WHQL tested.

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