Q: Scan to SMB only works for a few days

I have a Bizhub 350 printer that's connected to the network. I setup the Scan to SMB following this tutorial :
 . The scan to smb seems to work for a few days and then it does not work anymore. I have disabled UAC, firewall, antivirus, made inbound rules for SMB ports. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I am in a 'Work' type network. I'm starting to think that Windows 7 is blocking SMB ports somehow. The error code I get on the printer is ED09C6. This error code means that either the Lan cable is faulty or that the SMB ports are being blocked. I find it really strange that it works on some computers and not others.  From what I've tested, the computers that do work eventually are not able to receive the scanned documents. All computers are identical.  I hope someone can help me solve this challenging issue.  


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If you could answer a few questions it would help us to resolve this issue:

1. How many computers are connected?

2. What do you mean by 'Work' type network?


Here are a few methods which you can follow to resolve the issue:


Method 1:

Refer to the link below:

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Method 2:

Refer to the article "I want to add a network printer, but it's not offered in the Add Printer Wizard" from the link given below:

Why can't I print?


Method 3:

Refer to the link below:

Why can’t I print to a printer in my homegroup?


Hope this resolves the issue. If issue persists, you can write back to us and we will be glad to assist you further.

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Sorry this didn't help.

1.There is about 12 computers on the same network. 
2. What I meant by 'work' type network is the type of network we have setup for all the computers. For example in Windows you can choose the network location: Home, Work, Public. I was recommended on another forum that the 'work' type network would be the best for Scan to SMB to work properly. Today I tested to see if the computers I recently setup to scan to SMB were still working, and only one of them still allows a scanned file to appear on the shared folder. I have shared the folder and set privileges to  "Everyone" read/write. With these settings, scan to SMB still fails.

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Sorry this didn't help.

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