Random mouse pauses on desktop and in applications in Windows 7 x64.

I installed (clean) Windows 7 64bit to my desktop and have been experiencing random mouse/cursor pauses while using the system.  The pause is almost like the system is in heavy CPU mode and then everything catches up.  It happens every minute or so and lasts a second or two.  

The mouse is a Logitech MX510 Wired USB mouse (not wireless).   I am using the default Win7 mouse driver (as recommended on Logitech's website).

I have tried all of the following:
- I have kept Task Manager open to see if there seems to be any rhyme or reason to apps that are at the top of CPU usage when the pause happens, but have not been able to discern any pattern.
- I have tried several different USB ports, including external USB hub as well as different ports on the system itself
- I have halted my antivirus real time protection (Microsoft Security Essentials)
- I have used both the plain Win7 built in driver as well as the Logitech SetPoint software (x64 version)
- I am at my most recent BIOS revision for my desktop (Dell XPS 710)

All of the above had no affect on the issue.

The issues happens with apps open and with nothing running but the OS (and appropriate background apps).

Needless to say random mouse inactivity is infuriating when trying to use the system so any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.


I dealt with this issue for a while and I think I can finally say that it is NOT an operating system issue. Same behavior occurs on MAC, Linux. Also it is not limited to USB, bluetooth mice have same issues. What I found is that there's a HUGE conflict between wireless devices that share same 2.4Ghz band (mice, keyboards, routers, NICs, etc).  It is not as noticeable on other devices because there's no visual indication of the problem, but the issue is there (see latency).

From what I can tell (I am spit balling here) there's too much congestion. In simple terms it is the radio band is too crowded. If you just pull up a list of routers in many areas you will at least see a dozen or more. Try this to humor yourself, start downloading something on a wireless machine nearby and see if your other PC's mouse starts to act up.

I hope I am completely wrong about this one cause if I am right there may not be any fixes coming until someone switches mice to a diff band.


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