Q: Problem with acedrv09.sys


I got a question about this plague that is "acedrv09.sys".

I've installed MAGIX (software to make music) i don't remember the version, i think it's 10 but i'm not sure.
One thing i know is, that is the program that put the "acedrv09.sys" (plus the program wasn't compatible with windows 7) it started there, so i uninstalled it and after uninstalling the program it still gives me BSOD anytime the computer decide it... It does'nt do this at certain point or anything it just give the BSOD randomly... I've been in the registry to delete everything that as the "MAGIX" word in it, but this didn't help that much.

The question is: If i delete this plague (file) will it do something like not being able to start the computer because of this missing file?
                        If i delete this plague (file) will the BSOD will stop?

I'm tired of BSOD... Please i need a answer i'm about to throw the computer out the window...

Thank you in advance.



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