Portmon equivalent for Win 7 64 bit

morty346 asked on

I have searched High and Low for a equivalent rs-232 communication monitor.  I require one for my job and have upgraded to windows 7 64 bit


I have found a few third party solutions but they are not only expensive but dont do as nice a job as port mon does


Any suggestions?


Also have a few laptops with vista 64 on it, and being 64 bit it will not work...

The one I seem to liek the most is AGGsoftware Advanced Serial Port Monitor but it is 70 per computer, andI would need it on upwards of 10+ licenses this one wrecked havoc on my machine, and would not let me do some advanced features with bluetooth and rs232 connections


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Besieged replied on

This is seriously about the most asinine thing I have read so far this week... and considering the idiocy in the news lately, that's really saying something.

What possible excuse or reasoning could MS have had for buying up SysInternals and then promptly ending all support for all the good and useful software they made? Why did you actively destroy a company that made products that make your operating system tolerable? What answer could there possibly be for why you chose not to include or update a version of PortMon for Windows 7, unless some other company paid you not to so they could try and sell the same software for 1000x more than what it is reasonably worth?

I have industrial automation and SCADA customers who maintain their own servers, but rely on me to keep our mission-critical software working, where I can't just be installing freeware or expensive copies of software, even if the software is licensed to my company, and you have made it effectively impossible for me to troubleshoot many of the more common problems that your operating system creates.

There just is no excuse besides more terrible decisions and behavior from Microsoft. And you wonder why your image is so bad with the public and why your market share is slipping, especially after the debacle of Windows 8.
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