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Over the last couple days my computer has been constantly crashing after displaying a "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" message.  I have never had this problem before and it only started to happen after I installed a new update for my graphics card from Nvidia called "nVidia Graphics adapter WDDM1.1 Graphics adapter WDDM1.2 Graphics adapter WDDM1.3 other hardware - NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450".  I have looked at all sorts of forums for help on the issue but so far have had no luck.  So far I have tried:

1. System restoring to 3 weeks before the new driver update.
2. Clean uninstalling my graphics card drivers and reinstalling from the original factory disc.  I even kept the internet off for this so it would not update the drivers at all and I would end up with the oldest drivers possible.
3.  I even took my graphics card out and cleaned it to make sure it was ok, it was pretty dusty but cleaning it didn't solve the problem either.

Finally I gave up today and changed my PC to run off its crappy integrated graphics card that I have not used in years.  I don't think I will be crashing any more but I will have to see.

For the record:  I have NEVER overclocked anything in my computer and I have never had any problems using my graphics card to play games.  The card is a Geforce GTS 450 and is about 2.5 years old now.

Below are links to the last bluescreen crash I had today, including a picture of the report and the dump file.


Minidump file:

If it helps at all the specs of my computer are:

nVidia Geforce GTS 450 graphics card
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Quad Core AMD processor @ 2.9 GHz

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Patrick Barker replied on

If you are running on integrated graphics without issues, and when running on the GPU + various different driver versions you get crashes, the video card itself sounds like it's faulty.


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