number of lines wheel advances changes on it's own

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Hello Community,

My recent computer issues began with first noticing that my mouse wheel changed from the two line scroll that I had it set at two 6 and then 19 lines each time I turned off the computer and then rebooted.  I  took my IBM ThinkPad  w/ Windows 7 into the Microsoft Scottsdale, AZ store - since they say they have free virus removal and I thought a Microsoft store would be the most  professional place to go for laptop repair. I got the laptop back on June 4, 2014.  Anyway - they could not get rid of the virus but insisted it was a hard drive problem and I let them replace my hard drive.    Yesterday July 23, 2014  the same wheel advancing problem  started happening again.  When this happened previously  it was quickly followed by all sorts of strange things going on with the laptop and eventually screen freezes and the RealPlayer music videos began not working properly.  

Has anyone in the community experienced this change with the mouse wheel - that is the number of lines changing every time you reboot.  Thanks to everyone for your response.  I am fully familiar with how to change and apply new setting from the control panel for the mouse.  I use a Microsoft Mobile Mouse Mod. 3500 

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